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Ludo Star Mod APK Download:

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Ludo star mod apk for android is the wonderful game, you can easily share this game with your friends. The ludo star mod apk contains four layers. Download updated ludo star apk from below 

  1. Red Layer
  2. Latest Ludo star mod apk for android mobilesBlue Layer
  3. Green Layer
  4. Yellow Layer

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There are 6 leagues in this game, these 6 leagues are

  1. Bronze League
  2. Silver League
  3. Gold League
  4. Diamonds League
  5. Crystal League
  6. Titan League

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Ludo star apk download for android:

The Ludo STAR game is one of the most famous game in cyberspace because its reputation is good and it revived again in a modern way.

Find latest ludo star tips and tricks

According to the survey, students, office employees, house-wives and kids like ludo star very much. So, if you love this game then you should download ludo star 2019 hacked.

You can play ludo star with an individual or group mode, you can also play in the offline mode. There are 4 modes in this game. These 4 modes are

  • 1 On 1 Mode
  • TEAM UP Mode
  • 4 PLAYERS Mode

The most important thing is that there are several options for playing. You can play one against one. The opponent is randomly selected.

Ludo star mod apk -ludo star online game

Here you can get ludo star mod apk unlimited money and gems. You can also get ludo star mod apk coins through the watching videos, this section appears at the top left of the screen.

Each video gives you approximately 250 gold coins but there are only a limited number of videos displayed in the day. You can also get money through the magic box chest on daily basis.


Open the daily magic chest and win upto 50 thousand gold coins. By using these gold coins you can challenge your friend and earn more golds.


You can buy gold coins, GEMs and XP booster from ludo star store for better rating and profile. If you don’t want to invest money in it then you can download Ludo Star 2019 Hacked.


This will help you to enhance your rating and win score without any investment. XP booster will increase your game level and give you different points.

Note: You can get free GOLD coins by sing with Google Play & to see leaderboard & achievements.

The most important features of the ludo star mod APK updated:

  • There are several options to play, which do not cause boredom with time.
  • Here you can access private table which allows you to play against a friend by your side or else whereby you can send the appeared code to your friend and also challenge your friends.
  • You can increase your currencies by watching videos and winning games.
  • Play ludo star with different discrepancy: Number one is the Classic mode, number two is Master mode and number three is Quick mode.
  •  Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play.
  • Bing your friends while you play.
    -Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice.
  • You can choose a bet from 500 Gold to 10M Golds.
  • You can use dice rolls during the game to change the dice numbers. So roll your dices and win upto 1000 free gems.

You want ludo star tricks to win? If you love to play ludo star with your friends and family members then it’s time of ludo star mod apk download on your android devices. It will help you to discover ludo star dice hack. Ludo is an interesting game which includes 4 players red, blue, green and yellow. It is highly optimized for Android devices and the size of the game is just <20 MBs.

After installing ludo star mod apk latest version, you can login with Facebook and invite your friends to play with you. The ludo star also allows you to perform with the different discrepancy. Download ludo star unlimited coin apk 

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Ludo Star Mod APK Android:

Get latest ludo mod apk for Android devices. This exclusive apk will work 100% properly. So download this valuable ludo star mod apk for Android.

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Download ludo star mod apk unlimited money and gems and increase gem chances. It will strengthen your score background. When you have more gems and money then you will able to bet high and when you bet high then you have more chances to win. For example when you have 100M gold coins then you can bet upto 10M a game and win upto 40M in a single bet.

The Ludo Star Mod APK Coins:

By installing this ludo star mod apk coins, you will get unlimited gold coins. These gold coins will be beneficial to increase the level of your league and score.

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Here you can get perfect ludo star tricks to win the game. When you win the game then you get more gold coins. You can win from 1000 to 10000000 gold coins easily.

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This will help you to increase the chances of six and you will instantly win your game against your friends.

Ludo Star Mod APK Latest Version:

Get ludo star mod apk latest version for Android devices. This ludo star latest version is able to run on all Android devices.

Download Ludo Star Unlimited Coin APK:

By download ludo star unlimited coin apk, you can be famous and rich in ludo world. You can share your score on social media network like Facebook. Your friends on FB watch your success in ludo world. You can bet high by using this ludo star mod apk unlimited gold.

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According to ludo star algorithm, there are 50-50 chances to win the game for both players OR for all four players. You can win easily bu download ludo star mod apk always win. It will help you to vanish your lose risk.

How to get everything in Ludo Star?

You know well, ludo star is one of the most famous android game. If you are worried about how to get in ludo star, how to get ludo star hacks then you don’t worry. You are in right community, we provide exclusive ludo star dice hack apk. Because by download this exclusive apk on your android, you can win you game against your friends.

How to install Ludo Star Mod Apk?

There are many ways to run a ludo star cheat. So you must follow the given steps…

  • If an older version is running on your device, uninstall it immediately.
  • Copy the downloaded ludo star mod apk unlimited gold on your Android device.
  • You must on unknown sources from Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. After checking this option, you can install the mode apk files.
  • Now tap the downloaded Ludo star mod APK to initiate the installation process
  • After completion, run Ludo STAR Mod Apk and enjoy !!


How to download and install ludo star mod apk:

  1. Take your phone and open your browser.
  2. Now download Ludo star mod APK Android on your phone.
  3. After downloading, go in downloaded location and open APK file.
  4. When you open downloaded ludo star mod apk file, it will start installing automatically.
  5. Note: Must uninstall previous Ludo star version or game.
  6. Enjoy the game!!! Best of luck!!

There are different rules mention in ludo star for classic, master, team up and quick modes. These rules are

CLASSIC Mode Rules:

  • It is not necessary to kill atleast 1 opponent token to start entering home.
  • 2 or more tokens of same colors in a box will not form a joint token (double).
  • If 2 tokens of same colors are present in a box then opponent cannot kill any tokens.
  • The first player to more all of the tokens to home will get the Trophy.
  • All Basic ludo rules also valid here.

MASTER Mode Rules:

  • 2  tokens of same colors in a box will not form a joint token. Joint token will act as wall & you OR your opponent cannot cross OR land on it.
  • Joint token move only on even dice rolls; 2,4 and 6) and by half the number eg. if you roll 2 then joint token will move only one space.
  • Joint token will be broken if it land on a safe box.
  • Joint token can kill by opponents joint tokken.
  • The first player to more all of the tokens to home will get the Trophy.

Quick Mode Rules:

  • It is not necessary to kill atleast 1 opponent token to start entering home.
  • You do not need to move all 4 tokens into home. The ist player to move one token into home will get the trophy.

TEAM UP Mode Rules:

  • Player sitting opposite are team – Red and Yellow VS Blue and Green.
  • After completing your game you can use your dice rolls to move your partners token.
  • The first team to move all their 8 tokens into home will win the game.

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The filename is Ludo Star Mods.apk and File size is 15.81 MB

Important Questions and Answers:

How to get in Ludo Star?

Ans: You can get unlimited gems and coins in ludo star by following instructions. It will 100% work if you follow expect.

What is Ludo Star Dice Hack Mod APK?

Ans: This is an exclusive Android application package for hack the ludo star dices. This apk will provide unlimited ludo star dice hack. After installing this APK you can get more SIX as compare to normal APK.

This APK works only for one time?

Ans: A straight NO!!! This ludo star mod APK will work permanently.